Christmas with homemade Spiced Egg Nog

Captain Morgan to the rescue!

I really began to wonder who invented eggnog.  It’s really just raw eggs with cream and sugar. It’s like the raw version of cream brule or the centre of the egg custard.  As I took the first sip, I could see little bacteria holding up  signs saying  “Salmonella! Salmonella! Get your daily dose of Salmonella.”  But hey, I’ve had raw eggs before.

I’ll risk it for the sake of food.

Homemade egg nog is much lighter then store bought and you can adjust the sweetness.  The best part you may ask?

The recipe asked for 3 oz of bourbon for the whole recipe, but us girls was having just too much fun.  It’s more like 3 ounces per cup!

The best way to share a pre-Christmas eve with my best friends!


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