Bittersweet Christmas

Christmas is always bittersweet.  You start remembering all the people that you miss and celebrate with those you love.

I remember watching my dad make the turkey every Christmas and Thanksgiving.  He would heat up some oil, throw the spices into a bowl and pour this piping hot oil to extract the flavours.  I copied him.  It’s been almost 9 years now.

We often say that we don’t have time, but we make time for those we love.  Making this gingerbread house took three days, six people, and a little bit of planning.  

How many people actually eat their gingerbread houses?  Well, 95% of this is edible. Okay, I admit it.  We cheated a bit.  It’s not completely made of candy and gingerbread.  Planning this from scratch didn’t work out as well as we had hoped.  We had forgotten make our roofs, so it’s made of cardboard.
My cousin’s sons came over and helped finish it by sticking gummy bears against the walls.  They look like they were shot from a sling shot and slid down the side of the building.

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