Three days of Hunger Games and the Magic Moringa Tree

“Theres the finish line!” I screamed as I raced down an Inca Temple skipping every other step. I scanned my competition who were dressed in familiar Final Fantasy style costumes.  I jumped and flew.  There was only five more meters past the gate and I’d be safe.  The last rush to the finish mimicked the chaotic atmosphere of Hunger Games where everyone was madly dashing for weapons or towards a safety zone.

I made it! I woke up in excitement.

Perhaps I’m yearning for some sort of adventure since our projects have been rather slow or perhaps it was my brain compensating for Meru.  The next two days, I was in for a treat.

I felt like I was in the Hunger Games. We…

…rode through the community on a chariot (more like a motorcycle with a wagon attached at the back) waving to curious and excited onlookers like how Katniss and Peeta greeted the audience as they entered the stadium.  It was way too bumpy to sit down.

Photo Credit: Kim Lucas

...picked and ate leaves from the Magic Tree which, if we were in desperate hunger, would save our lives.  Katniss and Haymich would be proud.

…climbed and perched on “big trees” as we watched the young men herd the grazing cows below.  I wished I had rope like Katniss; she seemed much more secure.

Photo credit: Kim Lucas

…watched a lightening and thunder storm.  Fork lightening pierced through the sky breaking sheer darkness.  We all  “wowed” in unison as if we were children watching magic for the first time screaming louder as the sky grew brighter and the number of forks multiplied.

Fine,  the similarities may be a stretch, but hey it was pretty exciting!

I’m not kidding, there’s a tree that’s nicknamed Magic Tree.  We first heard about it in our International Nutrition class from a classmate who was extremely passionate about it.  People have claimed that it can cure 200+ sicknesses   (The internet is rather slow to do any research, but some has been conducted.)  The Moringa tree’s high protein and lush nutritional profile has given the justice to its nickname.

Figured that we should follow the traditional way of cooking in Kenya, we fried the onions, added the tomatoes and beef masala spice, and then dumped the leaves in.

Next stop: Uganda tandem kayaking down the Nile and abseiling at Sipi Falls!


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