Vela Luka Croatia from below

Vela Luka, Korcula from below

My skin itches. The wet suit clings tightly as I grasp on to the side of the boat. The scent of the ocean teases me and I can’t hold still. Regulator in mouth- check. Waist belt right-handed release-check. Hands on both – check. 5-4-3-2-1. I roll back into the water. I’m slightly disoriented, but pop up to the surface and the boat rolls away. I know to hold my breathe. Slowly, I sink and release air out of my BCD. In this vast blue ocean, I feel like I’m floating. A turtle swims away in the distance and I scream with excitement only to hear a soft screech and watch bubbles stream out of my mouth.  I realize I’m breathing underwater. I’ve entered a new world, the one where I’ve been taught to be afraid because you could drown. No fear.  I breathe intently sending air into parts of my lungs that I never knew existed.  I finally feel energized.  That’s it, I am hooked. My world has just become twice as large. So this is how it’s like to be Little Mermaid.

Diving in Vela Luka from Joanne Chui on Vimeo.

Dive Locations: Blue Hole, Emmental, Danne’s Cove

Dive Operator: Croatia Divers


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