Sunset SUP Yoga

Vancouver Water Adventures 90 minute Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga at Kitsilano

We dropped the sandbag and began our practice with stretches.  The current slowly cradled my board around.  Now, I faced the beach and the rest of the class faced the ocean.

Just ignore it. It doesn’t matter. 

Taking a wide stance and keeping knees loose, the waves rolled beneath my feet. I continued stretching my arms above my head bending to the right then to the left.  Our boards now side by side, the difference was even more prominent as we leaned forward. The OCD bone now screamed. I’ll just make small swift movements and turn myself around so not to disrupt practice.

SPLASH. I was in the water. It was me, the clumsy one. I was the only one that fell in. It was bound to happen and it didn’t matter.  I rubbed my slightly bruised ego and continued even almost doing the teddy bear pose.

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