Lynn Headwaters | Hanes Valley Trail

 An attempt at Hanes Valley Trail

|Lynn Headwaters | North Vancouver|

“It’s just going to be light rain. We’ll be fine.”
“There’s going to be loose rocks and chains,” my friend warned.
“I love the fog anyways. Let’s do it.”

My eyes swelled slightly. It’s fall. Allergies for me. Past Lynn Headwaters, the trees grew taller, straighter, and richer in colour. Moss dressed the trunks. The metal bridge seemed unnatural but strangely blended with its surroundings. Perhaps it was complementing nature’s straight edges and orchestrated chaos. I had forgotten that I was merely twenty minutes away from home.

The rain seeped through the blanket of branches and evergreen leaves. We put on our rain jackets and kept going until we reached an opening. A tiny waterfall on the opposite side seemed so serene. It was pouring. Mother nature had won this round. It had been around three hours in and more than half way through. We turned around and added it back onto our yearly bucket list.

Hanes Valley Trail until next time.


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