Why go kakyaking fifty minutes from Vegas

1. You barely need to paddle. The river runs downstream from Hoover Dam and all the the spots to visit are close by. We missed the Sauna Cave when people told us it was a “must see.” Paddling upstream was a bit of a challenge.

2. You get to stay on secluded beaches and have the canyons all to yourself.

3. Stars galore. The stars are spectacular even with a full moon.

5. Natural hot springs. Need I say more?

6. Caves, caves, and more caves

7. Get lost in canyons

I flew back to Seattle and Lauren went back to Calgary. My family picked me up from Seattle and we drove across the border.

“Why were you in Vegas for 8 days?” the border guard asked.

“I went kayaking, camping and hiking.”

“What’s the value of your purchases?”

“Zero,” I replied.

“You went to Vegas and didn’t buy anything,” she insisted I wasn’t telling the truth.

“No” I assured her. All I had were a seventy litres backpack full of stinky clothes and strange tan lines to show.


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